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Affiliated Physical Therapy is not your typical physical therapy clinic. As soon as you walk into our facility in Nutter Fort, WV, you will immediately feel a positive boost that will jumpstart your desire to reach your set goals. Our therapists have the knowledge, skill, and motivation to relieve your pain and get you back in action. Our patients from the Clarksburg-Bridgeport area appreciate the variety of services that our skilled physical therapists offer.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment with our staff, contact Affiliated Physical Therapy today: (304) 622‑5822.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Unique Therapy Services Available to Lessen Your Pain

Benefits of Physical Therapy

If you have never had an appointment with a physical therapist before, you may be nervous. Is therapy really the best solution for your issues? Outpatient physical therapy can relieve pain from a wide variety of ailments. Therapy is a great solution for post-operation rehab, but it can help you in so many more ways.

Whether you need help managing your arthritis pain, you want to improve your mobility, improve your balance, recover from a sports injury, manage your diabetes, or something else entirely, physical therapy might be a great and effective solution for you.

Unique Therapy Services Available to Lessen Your Pain

Affiliated Physical Therapy offers a variety of therapeutic services to help manage your pain and help you heal after an injury or surgery. We offer pre-surgery appointments to help you get accustomed to any accessories you would need after your surgery, such as crutches, a brace or sling, or a walker. Our team also offers a variety of rehabilitation techniques, sports medicine, electrical stimulation, and spine mobilization that can help your muscles and joints work and feel better.

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