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Low-Impact Therapy Can Help You Feel Better Sooner

If you have mobility problems, balance issues, or severe or chronic pain, aquatic therapy may be the perfect treatment solution for you. Affiliated Physical Therapy offers quality aquatic therapy from our office in Nutter Fort. Clarksburg-Bridgeport, WV-area patients love the convenience and ease that our pool provides. Aching joints, post-surgery pain, and stiff and sore muscles are no match for the heated water and low-impact techniques of aquatic therapy. The ancient Greeks knew the benefits of warm water, and we use that knowledge to help improve circulation, increase relaxation, improve flexibility, and decrease pain in our patients.

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Aquatic Therapy Assists with a Variety of Pains & Issues

Aquatic therapy uses the physical properties of water to assist in patient healing and exercise performance. The buoyancy provided by the water assists in supporting the weight of the patient, decreasing the amount of stress placed on the joints, and thus making it easier and less painful to perform exercises. The viscosity of water provides resistance, and when coupled with the water’s buoyancy, this allows a person to strengthen muscle groups with decreased joint stress. Aquatic therapy also utilizes hydrostatic pressure to decrease swelling and improve joint position awareness.

The warmth of the water (92 to 96 degrees Fahrenheit) experienced during aquatic therapy assists in relaxing muscles and vasodilates vessels, increasing blood flow to injured areas. Aquatic therapy can especially help patients who suffer from or who are diagnosed with:


Balance Issues


Injuries to the Spine

Joint Replacement Surgery

Bulging Disc

Herniated Disc

Joint Stiffness

Muscle Spasms

Muscle Strain


Post-Surgery Recovery



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